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Patient and home evaluations by licensed Occupational Therapy Specialists

Hopeful patient in wheelcahir and caregiver

With over 40 years of experience, the Live In Place Safely team assess current medical, mobility and home safety levels and creates a strategic plan to address your patient's current and future needs.

Our evaluations and assessments are paid for privately. 

What We Do

Our Certified Evaluators provide safety insights for self care, home management skills, home environment, fall prevention, OT sessions, home remodels and more.

Individual Evaluations

  • Physical abilities and limitations

  • Cognitive abilities

  • Everyday mobility & safety

Comprehensive Reports
  • Short and long term plans

  • Easy to implement solutions

  • Unbiased assessments

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Home Evaluations

  • Entry and stair accessibility

  • Bathroom and bedroom safety

  • Safer home modifications

Trusted Referrals

  • Modifications from Live in Place

  • Home Heath Care Therapy/Aide

  • Geriatric Case Managers/Attorneys

  • Remodeling Contractors

Changes made to your patient’s home and routine can make life easier today. Why wait for illness or injury to happen?

Live In Place Safely gives you a realistic picture of how they function during activities of life at home and in public. Help your clients maintain safety and independence at home and in their community. 

Let's build the pathway to independence!
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