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Frequently Asked Questions


When considering your loved one or your client, you should book an assessment if you can relate to any of these questions.

Will I gain a better understanding of how to best help my patient to  be functional more safely in their home?

Yes! Our medical evaluations and in home assessments provide you with a full understanding of the struggles daily life can pose to your loved one and how you can best assist. 


How do I know if my patient would benefit from home care therapy or outpatient services?

Recommendations are part of our core services and if our evaluation team determines there's a need, they will make the proper recommendations.  


Are you able to do a basic cognitive assessment to see if the client should be living alone or if they need more in home care?

Absolutely, our evaluators take into consideration mental and physical capabilities of each and every client.


Would my patient benefit from a portable or modular ramp at the entrance to their home?

Ramps help a variety of clients enter and leave their home with confidence. If it's needed, we'll refer you to a company that can get one installed quickly.  

My patient experiences shortness of breath which increases with daily activities - What modifications will help?

A wide variety of assistive devices can assist with simple tasks, conserving energy and improving independence. Our reports come complete with modification recommendations. 

We will help paint the whole picture so that yourself and the other caregivers can create one cohesive plan for safety and independence at home.

Find The Pathway to Independence!
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