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For Providers

Get a complete picture of your patient and their home environment by prescribing an evaluation from Live in Place Safely. 

How to Refer Live in Place Safely

A referral must be completed by you and contain the following information:

  • Full legal name

  • DOB

  • Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis code that is used by the office to bill patient’s insurance

  • OT evaluation and treatment


The referral must be signed by the doctor and faxed to 571-520-9472

Doctor and Patient
Physician referrals can cover you under medicaid or medicare
For Doctors

A complete picture of your patient's physical abilities, cognitive abilities, and home environment can help you assist in therapeutic and living decisions. Reports including short-, medium-, and long-term plans for safety and potential home modifications will be faxed directly to your office. 

For Home Health Aide Companies

Help your patients and employees by knowing how to better equip a home to suit an individual patient's needs. Mobility, accessibility, and safety are all evaluated including space for aides.

For Senior Living Facilities

Live in Place Safely has consulted with many senior living facilities in the past and can help you set up rooms and common spaces with safety in mind. Tricky bathroom setup? Awkward stairs? We have solutions!

Home health aide making the bed
Geriatric case managers and elder law attorneys
For Geriatric Case Managers & Elder Law Attorneys

Often there are disagreements among family members or other interested parties as to how to manage the needs of an aging patient. Our reports serve as an enforceable path forward with medical based recommendations and referrals to provide a path forward.  

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